Saturday, May 30, 2009

Still Spring

A pleasant and sunny day today, with a brisk wind.
Picked up my groceries I ordered from Share. This time I got cookout food and organic fruits and vegetables. Also Mrs. Smith's Apple pie. Kids helped me carry it all. We cut up the melon when we got home and mmmm mmmm it was very sweet and juicy.
Played LaCrosse in the yard for a while and then took the kids to their Dad's.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Rose Breasted Grosbeak

This is a new bird to my yard, or at least I haven't noticed them before.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Beans Cafe

I met my old chums at the Beans Cafe this noon. It was fun to do, they are so comfortable and easy. The food was good too. We made plans to go up north for a few days in June, that should be an experience. Beans Cafe is in a building that used to be called The Urban Frog. At that time it was all natural food but I never had a chance to go there. It's an interesting name though. Today I had BLT sandwich, I know, but it's comfort food with comfortable people. After we left there we went to one of our friend's houses for dessert. It was a delicious pie...peaches and cream cheese and whipped cream and cracker crust. They have a wonderful dog and we played catch. I sure miss having a dog. My dear friend has a beautiful sun room with blooming orchids. Very pleasant day.
I have two fish in a ten gallon tank. One is orange and black...Owen named her goldie and the other is a placostomas named Sam...the old man of the sea. When I was feeding them and 'bedding them down' for the night I had to do a double take. There in the fish neighborbood was a school of little eyes and orange tails sort of swimming. Goldie must have given birth...or hatched eggs or whatever. But who is the Daddy.
I ordered a garage door today. It will be good to be able to close the garage again. I use it for my garden shed most of the year. The man that came and gave me the estimate was very nice. It's going to cost less that I budgeted for it so that's a break. My next door neighbor stopped over at the time and said he had sold his house to a contractor who was going to remodel and sell it. It's been empty for almost five years now. Couple that with the one on the other side that got torn down.
I put out the outside table today and the new umbrella for it. It will be a good spot for tea when the fence vines grow in to hide the neighbors and the noise.
I wonder how a person starts to paint pictures. I wonder how you choose what medium to use. I think it might be a good experience to at least try. I'm such a dreamer with too much child still left in my soul.
Stop typing Janice and go to bed, it's late, tomorrow is another day.

Saturday, May 2, 2009