Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A few pictures

They're building something in the train yard.  Lots of green pipes.  It's a mystery.


One more day until Easter

Hali on Easter with Anakin

Tapped Maple Tree

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

New birds at feeder

Red winged Blackbirds and Golden Finches are at the feeders this noon, Spring is two days away.  A lot of rabbits in the yard today.  They came to eat the raisons I put out for the Robins.  Haven't seen the Robins yet.  March is my favorite month because all of Spring and all of Summer is still ahead.  I noticed one of my evergreens appears to be having a problem so later I'll go outside and see what the problem is.  Maybe I'll get a picture of the rhubarb starting to grow too as it's nearby.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

I click on add album and it shows that You've got Pictures is loading and it does load and my pictures on my computer show.  I click on the ones I want to upload and a blue box opens and says it's preparing the pictures, thing then the little ball thingy goes back and forth....but this is the key...the line that used to go across to show the pictures were uploading doesn't appear anymore.  So how can I fix this or what am I doing wrong?

Just thought someone passing by might know.  It isn't a big earth shattering deal, but it is a puzzlement.

Not much going on around here.  I got a nice youth bed and mattress from a woman on freecycle, very, very nice.  Hali has been climbing out of her crib and landing on Owen's head in the middle of the night.  Makes for an interesting hour or so.  Anyway, I moved the beds around so that if little Princess climbs out of her crib she won't land on the Prince's head any longer.  I'm waiting a little bit to tuck her into her new bed.  I need to wait at least until she can go down steps on her own.

Tomorrow I'm continuing to clean and purge.  I'm looking over the movies, there are too many and I want to pass them along.  Also I have quite a number of books that need new readers. 

The late sun shining into my windows is making me happier than I have a right to be.

Hope everyone made it through the Ides of March okay.



Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A spot of green

I did a little shopping today and I noticed these two little green plants off in a corner marked ten cents each.  I figured no one would buy them and so I did.  I put them in the little tea cup and now I how a little green spot.  I noticed there are a lot of summer things starting to come out in stores.  I guess that's akin to Christmas decorations coming out in September but I don't mind the summer things coming so early.  Snow again predicted for tomorrow.  Bret Farve has retired from the Packers but it sounds kind of like he's interested in going to another football team.  He has a news conference scheduled for tomorrow.  Someone else retired from the team but I didn't hear who it was.  I've been reading some good books, light reading is what I like the best.  Some of the titles are The Uncommon Reader; Things Were Said; and The Penny.  Also doing a lot of spinning wool so I have a good supply of yarn to knit with.  Anakin is chasing a mouse around...not a real one, thank goodness, and she's meowing so loud it's funny.  Was going to add a picture of her but aohell doesn't let me tonight, just the one.