Sunday, April 29, 2007

Sunday stuff

Most of the day I just worried about my daughter who is all alone in another city moving by herself.  I guess she's doing okay, or at least that is what she says.  I feel so bad though.

Went to Menard's and got some plants.  They sure have a lot of nice looking, healthy plants and a lot of friendly people.  I put some of the plants, violas and ivy, in a kettle.  Picture above but it needs to be cleaned and to grow before it looks like it did in my imagination LOL.

Bay Beach opens next Saturday at 10 a.m....for those who don't know Bay Beach is Green Bay's family amusement park where the rides are only 25 cents each and it's on the shore of Green Bay which is on Lake Michigan and leads to the river that runs through the city called the Fox River.  A great place for the in the lagoons, ducks to feed, animals to visit, food to eat.  I've been going there since I was a kid and so have the generations before me.  The rides cost ten cents until last year when they were increased to a quarter.  I'm sure I'll get pictures before the summer is over.

Wind is picking up and the temp is cooling down.  A spring storm must be on the way althought the moon is still brightly shining through my window.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

A little gardening

Finally got some yard work done.  It rained yesterday so I planted my Arbor Day tree today, it's a really, really tiny white pine.  I put a tomato cage around it so I remember it's there.  Also picked up all the bark and twigs from the big old trees and put them at the curb.  Maybe later I'll get a couple pictures.  I could have worked all day but have to go to a bridal shower this afternoon.  I am bringing a 24 pack of full spices and a carrier or holder or whatever.  I like to bring cooking things for bridal showers as it so fascinates me that people still cook.  I'm resting, these old bones get tired...then a shower and I'm ready to go.  Owen asked me if I would take him fishing today and I said no I have to go to a shower.  He told his Dad that I said I had to take a shower and that was a poor excuse.  Owen is such a dork.  I got his sisters Ann Magnolia planted and the flowers are shaped like butterflies but so far the buds are a deep pink/red color. 

Thursday, April 26, 2007


I planned to work in the yard today but it's cold and windy and raining so I decided to go look for garden supplies and plants...bad idea as all those area are outside.  I got wet feet and started sneezing.  I stopped at the grocery store and got a couple things and came home.  Watched the movie Sideways, was okay. 

Looking forward to tomorrow.

Jenny's diet tips


Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Sharing diet and exercise tips and recipes

Monday, April 23, 2007

This is Owen's tree, a white Magnolia, in bloom after a long cold winter.  I have a light pink one ordered for Hali to plant next to it.  She will be a year old at the end of May.  Owen and his tree are both three.

Owen stayed all weekend until Sunday night.  We spent most of the time outside, even had our first picnic.  The weather was beautiful.  He'll be back on Tuesday to go to story time at the library with me. 

Here's Owen spreading his arms like the wings of an eagle.  He sees these bald eagles when he goes up north with his family and he likes to watch them soar and he tells me about it. 

We also made strawberry/rhubarb ice cream with the rhubarb from the garden; boiled down the last of the Maple sap for syrup for pancake and sausage breakfast; and mashed strawberries for ice cream topping.  Played outside a lot too.  Star Wars, Pirates, Stone School, Tag Your It, Frisbee, Soccer, and Kite Flying.  Owen went home a tired but happy boy and I took a long nap today.

Wednesday I'll start back up on the yard work.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

April 22, 2007 is Earth Day...

How are you going to celebrate Earth Day this year? At the first Earth Day in 1970 twenty million people all across the United States came together to voice concern over the state of our environment. The event made history and resulted in the founding of the Environmental Protection Agency.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

In a warming trend...a nice sunny day

My new little garden Angel protecting the weeds and flowers.

A bright and sunny day today.  A good chance to do a little yard work...the key word here is little.  LOL. 

Owen coming for the weekend, have plans to cook down the sap and make something with rhubarb from the yard so he knows where some of the food comes from.  I'd like to take him to a movie too so he can see the big screen but I don't know which one to take him to that he would like or be suitable for his age. 

Went shopping with some of my sisters today and it was very nice, although the time went by too fast for me.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Busy Day

Went to WW...lost 2.6 pounds this week.  It always makes me laugh about the point something.  If I gained I would just ignore that part of it.

Picked up Owen after the meeting and we went to storytime.  It was about poetry today.  Owen was more shy this week.  I'm thinking that a whole week is too long to go without seeing the other children.

After we flew kites and played frisbee.  He was tired then, so we took a two hour nap.  That was nice.

Started a class at UWGB  tonight.  It's Organic Gardening.  We learned about the Dirty Dozen.  The twelve bugs you don't want in your garden and what to do to keep them from coming.  We got a list of Heirloom plants that we're going to plant next time.  It's a good and varied group.  Two master gardeners, a couple farmers, a couple Dietetic students, one man who wants to learn to grow grapes, a young man that just bought several acres of land and wants to earn a living growing organic produce.  One man who lives on a nearby ledge and wants to know how to handle the winds.  It's going to be interesting.  Altogether there are eight women and seven men. 

Monday, April 16, 2007

My Cats

My cats get cat cookies every night just before bedtime.  Don't know if they've been recalled or not but so far so good.  That's Anakin in back with her butt in the air and CC is just in front of her...they are both female.  The black and white one is Kitty, my little boy cat and the oldest.  They all have little stories in their past but they are happy to be here now, and I'm happy to have them...well sort of.

Thursday, April 12, 2007's Spring again and birds on the wing again seem to...

The storm has passed, the shoveling is done, the feeders have been filled...ah Spring!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


The blizzard that has been predicted has started.  It's that  snow that comes down sideways and takes your breath away if you have to be out in it.  All the birds took off about half an hour ago so I knew it was going to start soon.  I checked my Magnolia tree and all the buds are still on it and okay but I don't hold out too much hope for the buds making it through this blizzard.  I will know by tomorrow as that's when it is supposed to stop.  I've put the car in the garage and battened down the hatches.  I'm baking bread, always comforting, and I have plenty to read.  I am safe and warm so far.  I'm lucky I had the new furnace installed last week.  I hope everyone else is safe and warm too...if not, come on by I have plenty of room and warm tea brewing.

Monday, April 9, 2007

My sweet grandchildren at Easter

This is Hali Anne making her way over to her Nana with a little smile and wink.

Here Owen Daniel is decorating eggs for the first time and waiting for the second half of the dozen to get done.  He was very impressed that the eggs turned color and he even saw the Easter Bunny outside when he turned around...he told me so.

April Snow

When I looked out this evening it was starting to snow...


Five minutes later it looked like this...

Now, half an hour has passed and it looks like this...

I like it when the seasons change slowly, it gives me time to take a breath and shift gears. 


Sunday, April 8, 2007

Happy Easter

Enjoy your traditions or the peace and quiet of a Spring day.

Friday, April 6, 2007

Good Friday

The yellow finches are back.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007


It snowed last night...


Sunday, April 1, 2007

Bulletin Board for Easter

Kind of late with my Easter Bboard, so just a basic easy one.

Worked in the yard in the rain a little this morning and this afternoon I went to a family baby shower with my sort of daughter in law...Owen and Hali's mom.  Wow, did they get the stuff.  I think enough for quints.  When I had my first baby I was lucky to have a crib, a sheet, a dozen cloth diapers and a couple nightgowns and baby bottles.  Now, though, they have theme rooms and clothes, etc.  It took so long to open the gifts I had to fill my plate with food three times LOL.  And the food was delicious, a real feast.  Some of my sisters were there and I met a few new people.  So it was nice, just too much stuff.

I'm plotting out my flowers and making design plans for my big raised bed.  I'm looking through a lot of catalogs to see if there is something that I can mass plant in it that will do good all summer and still be interesting in the fall.  One year I planted a lot of Melampodium and that bloomed all summer.  It's gold and green and was very pretty.  I'd like to find something in lavender, blue, and pink this year.  I think Cosmos will be one choice.  Well I'd better get the clothes out of the dryer so I can get to bed.