Saturday, January 9, 2010

Still amazed

and say the least, that I have lost all of November and part of December and the end of October. I can't seem to get over the sadness of it. I'm doing good though, my muscles are coming back strong and my memory is clear except for the above mentioned part. I know it is because of mega doses of pain killers and Versed and that's why I can't remember but I keep trying I know the memories must be here somewhere. It was such a nice Fall before. I had started four college classes, I had joined a knit along and had purchased such pretty yarn. My daughter sat with me everyday. Can you imagine, I feel so bad about that, it must have been very hard to do. I was expected to die but of course I didn't. She came everyday to the Rehab/Nursing Home and then came every day to my home to wash clothes, make meals, clean the house, take care of the cats, and raise my spirits. Now I have been discharged from Home Health and Jenny doesn't come every day anymore. I sure miss her. I'm glad she's getting on with her life. She's looking for a job and has parties to go to. I am doing the chores she used to do. I am gaining more strength everyday but going outside is still a little scary because of the ice and snow. Dan and his friend put up railings to the basement so now I can go down there and do the wash. Dan shoveled the snow, I can't do that yet, still too much work. My grandchildren were here all day while their Dad worked. They are so sweet.