Thursday, July 1, 2010

July first today, it's been a while since I posted

In reading back some to the posts I did, I wonder if I had some sort of premonition.  Probably not, probably just sad that summer was over.....but here it is summer again.  Can't remember what I couldn't remember before, I guess I never will according to my regular doc.
.....But I've gotten so much stronger again and take great pleasure in doing the yard work...the house work not so much.  I have a wonderful vegetable garden.  My tomatoes are huge and shaped well.  The peas are sweet and good, sunflowers are coming along, the herbs are growing well, the grapes are finally growing like they should again but I have to water them every other day.  I also have my second harvest of green beans and some little pumpkins called jack be nimble.   Lots and lots of flowers too in containers and in the ground.  I have a new tea garden that I love to go drink my teas and read my books.  Since Mother Nature stopped giving me my monthly gift, I buy my own and for the month of July I got a baby angel for my tea garden.  It's really sweet and a little remembrance.  Here are a few pictures.


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